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Thank me later…

December 9, 2010

Ok, ok. I think it’s high time we threw some hip hop into the mix. Drake’s Thank Me Later described in fine, gritty–some would say mundane–detail the surreal experience of being only 23 years old and being admitted to the upper stratospheres of fame, celebrity, and wealth. (Then he complained about the experience–a reaction some found more justifiable than others.) Rick Ross took hip-hop to hitherto unknown heights of fabrication, fantasy, and honest-to-goodness identity theft. Nicki Minaj was like five rappers at the same time. Jay-Z basically inspired us to coin an entire new genre (advice rap, ahem), while Kanye coined one of his own–hashtag rap–before garnering, in his own words, “perfect scores across the board” for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, a fact born out by practically every year-end list yet published. And this is before you even mention the year Fabolous had, the introduction of the world to L.A. Tumblr-rap collective Odd Future, Waka Flocka Flame’s adlibs, and on and on and on. Rap was all kinds of things this year, but one thing it wasn’t was boring.

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