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Reb Abbasi and his Trio tonight at Cornelia Street Cafe!

October 22, 2011

We’re in a guitar world, from Pakistan to Brazil and from steel strings to nylon, as the Rez Abbasi Acoustic Quartet and Trio da Paz play in turn at the Newport Jazz Festival.
Abbasi premiered this group in 2010 at Winterfest in New York. After the set, Newport Jazz Festival impresario George Wein emerged from the audience and told Abbasi how much he liked the music. The next week, Wein’s office reached out and booked the group for August at Newport.
Abbasi, born in Pakistan and raised in the U.S., is a visionary in combining East and West in music. He says, in this group, that Eric McPherson’s drumming is a circle, bassist Stephan Crump’s playing is solid and his tone is round, and that pairing the steel-string acoustic guitar and vibraphone realizes an idea he’s been developing for several years. He likes the shimmer, resonance and overtones of steel strings, vibes and cymbals. The vibraphonist was Bill Ware.
Tonight Reb is with Satoshi Takeishi on drums and John Hébert on bass. Don’t miss it!

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