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The Gerald Clayton Trio LIVE at the Vanguard…

November 23, 2011

So what happened on February 23rd, 1935? Max Gordon opened the doors to the Village Vanguard! And 75 years later, they’re still in the same spot; the basement of 178 7th Avenue South.
Well this week Gerald Clayton Trio picks up what Max put down with some amazing piano work. Justin Brown is on the drums kicking out beats no TR808 could produce and Joe Sanders handles Bass duties. Gerald Clayton reports that his influences include Oscar Peterson, Monty Alexander, Benny Green and Ray Brown. His most important musical influence is his father, John Clayton. Gerald Clayton currently tours with The Clayton Brothers and the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra. He leads the various permutations of the Gerald Clayton Trio, including the addition of extra players and the accompaniment of jazz vocalists. He has performed in a duo with his father, John Clayton. He appears regularly at the Jazz Gallery in New York, where his own compositions are presented.
Come on out and see the band now through the 27th. You can thank me later!

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