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Brett Sroka, Carlo De Rosa and friends at The Stone NYC

November 27, 2011

Brett Sroka is a composer, trombonist and electronic computer musician. He studied at Manhattan School of Music, and has performed at BAMcafe, the Sonic Circuits Festival, the Guggenheim Museum and the Teatro Fondamenta Nueve in Venice, Italy. In 2002 he released “Hearsay”, featuring Jason Moran, Eric Harland and Avishai Cohen. He presently leads the electro-acoustic avant-garde band Ergo which has released two CD’s, most recently “multitude, solitude” on Cuneiform records.
Proficient, creative, a first-call, in-demand bassist, Carlo De Rosa has earned a reputation of very high standards. As a composer and band-leader of the quartet Cross-Fade, he also has very high standards, but outside of New York City clubs, this work has not been widely recognized. Brain Dance is set to remedy that situation! The compositions give the players malleable material with which to work with; there’s plenty of thematic material, but also plenty of room for them to add their individuality. The end result is greater than even the sum of their musical talents and the compositions. The music constantly moves between the modern, avant-garde and electric jazz worlds, never standing still, but taking the most interesting and attractive elements of these worlds and combining them into a new whole.
Come out and see the best in avant garde jazz at The Stone!

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