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Craig Taborn LIVE at the Vanguard

April 4, 2012

Craig Taborn is an American keyboardist and composer. Playing piano, organ, and Moog synthesizer, Taborn has worked mostly in jazz, although he also does dark ambient and techno music.
Taborn became known for his membership in saxophonist James Carter’s band, where he contributed to The Real Quietstorm (1994) and Conversation with the Elders (1996). In 1995, he graduated from the University of Michigan with a liberal arts degree. During the 1990s he also worked with Mat Maneri(Blue Deco, 2000), Roscoe Mitchell, Nate Smith, Gerald Cleaver, Lotte Anker, Dave Binney, Wayne Krantz, Adam Rogers and others. During the 1990s he also led his own trio.
In the 2000s he played in the US with Tim Berne (The Shell Game, 2001), in a trio with Susie Ibarra (Songbird Suite, in 2001 and Folkloriko in 2004). In 2002 he worked with Dave Douglas (Freak in), Hugh Ragin and the Norwegian bassist Eivind Opsvik, with Marty Ehrlich in 2003, Drew Gress in 2004, and Chris Potter (Underground, 2005).
Mr. Taborn once estimated that he was a member of “15 to 20” working bands — which says something about how much (and how many) fellow musicians value his playing. See him this week at the Village Vanguard now through April 8th.

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