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Harlem Jazz Shrines Festival 2012

May 4, 2012

Harlem is a dream-place where so much important cultural history has been enacted that as we explore the power of Harlem’s past we also feel its presence. Take the M60-bus along 125th, or emerge from the A-train at 125th or 145th or from the 2 or 3 train at 125th or 135th—you enter a city-within-a-city that is pulsing with vivid, lived experience. Behind these Harlem doors, some of the best music on the planet is being played.

The Harlem Jazz Shrines Festival celebrates Harlem’s Historic Jazz Venues May 7 thru May 13: Apollo Theater, Club Harlem, Havana San Juan, Lenox Lounge, Minton’s Playhouse, Monroe’s Uptown, Park Palace, Showman’s Jazz Club and Small’s Paradise.

Debuting last May, this is The Apple’s latest entry into the annals of what makes New York the epicenter of the jazz world, globally. It’s a 7-day festival with a difference -celebrating the classic clubs and venues that made Harlem USA the jazz Mecca beginning in the 1920’s. While it’s a nostalgic look back at the greatness of the past, this festival’s pulse is the present, showcasing an array of today’s top and emerging talent and showing that what’s happening right now in Harlem really is where it’s at! Click here for show information.

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