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Béla Fleck and Marcus Roberts at BLUENOTE!

June 5, 2012

“Across the Imaginary Divide” is the smartly appealing new album by Mr. Fleck, the style-hopping banjoist, and Mr. Roberts, the scrupulous jazz pianist. Their seemingly effortless rapport has a lot to do with both musicians’ adaptability, but it also reflects the attentiveness of Mr. Roberts’s working trio, with Rodney Jordan on bass and Jason Marsalis on drums.
Born and raised in New York City, Béla began his musical career playing the guitar. In the early 1960’s, while watching the Beverly Hillbillies, the bluegrass sounds of Flatt & Scruggs flowed out of the TV set and into his young brain. Earl Scruggs’s banjo style hooked Béla’s interest immediately. “It was like sparks going off in my head” he later said.
The Marcus Roberts Trio are keen torch-holders of the classic jazz tradition. The mix of these four,— Roberts, Fleck, Jordan, Marsalis—create a new way forward in jazz, deeply rooted in the form, while pulling from the extensive backgrounds and music journeys of all the members—creating stellar performances that are exuberant, fresh, soaring, bold, and, of course, eclectic.
This week, get yourself over to the Bluenote and see this amazing melange of styles in action! You won’t believe your ears.

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