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The Curtis Brothers TONIGHT at Dizzy’s!

October 16, 2012

Starting in 2001 The Curtis Brothers Quartet have been gaining recognition throughout the Jazz and Lain-Jazz world alike.

Starting from a young age the Curtis brothers have been sharpening their skills under the direction of great musicians such as Andy Gonzalez, Hilton Ruiz, Ed Fast, Joe Valez and a plethora of records and CDs. They were able to incorporate the elements of clave in their music. Incorporating the music from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Brazil with what they were learning in Jazz.

After a few years of classical studies, jazz became their focus. The Curtis Brothers studied at the the Prestigious school for developing artists, “The Artist Collective,” created by the great Jackie McLean. They have been blessed to be apart of so many music programs in the Hartford area such as, The Hartford Academy of the Arts, The Litchfield Jazz Camp, Hartford Conservatory, and Guakia.

The basement of the Mr. Curtis house was ground zero for these young musicians. It was a 24 hr music space that once held the entire record collection of the great bass player, Andy Gonzalez. This is where they rehearsed as a band weekly and could be totally creative. Ed Fast, Freddie Moreno, Jorge Fuentes, Abu Carter, Tony Gonzalez, and Mario Calderon all participated in the growth of young musicians in the Curtis basement.

Rehearsals every Saturday, frequent trips to the Jazz Mobile in NYC, a jam session here, a theory class there. For the Curtis kids, lessons and rehearsals were almost every day. Music was your life! This consistency is what made the Curtis Brothers who they are today …and tonight and tomorrow you may see them in all of their glory at Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola at Jazz at Lincoln Center for two fabulous sets! See you at the show…

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