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The Le Boeuf Brothers LIVE at Dizzy’s TONIGHT!

April 3, 2013

leboufboufJointly led by musically precocious twins — Remy, an alto saxophonist, and Pascal, a pianist — the Le Boeuf Brothers pursue a hyper-fluent modern ideal. This is a one-nighter, part of a 30th anniversary celebration for the Manhattan School of Music.

Rarely does a young quartet include such a staggering variety of influences. Though firmly rooted in jazz composition, the Le Boeuf Brothers frequently, yet selectively, cite rock and electronic influences – music “stimulating enough that it holds to the values of jazz intellectuals… with emotional substance that is also nerdy enough to think about.” Bassist Linda Oh draws from the musical and cultural identities of Malaysia, Australia, and New York, while drummer Henry Cole brings his background in Puerto Rican folklore, funk and R&B, jazz, and Afro-Caribbean to the fray. The Le Boeuf Brothers, along with their “dream band” of Oh and Cole, will present and explore fresh ideas made possible only through such a varied collaboration.

Here’s the line-up;
Remy Le Boeuf; alto saxophone
Pascal Le Boeuf; piano
Linda Oh; acoustic bass
Henry Cole; drums

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