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Another Exciting Art Exhibit!

September 16, 2013

stationWe stumbled upon this whimsical and wonderful art exhibit in Chelsea. You should drop by…No one paid much attention when mounds of gravel and a small bulldozer materialized at the now defunct Getty gas station on the corner of Tenth Avenue and 24th Street last Friday, maybe because construction is to be expected: the site is slated for demolition and development into luxury condominiums. Yesterday, however, when the rocky hills were carpeted with real bright green grass, passersby stopped all day to take pictures from behind the white wooden fence surrounding the station. “Who’s the artist?” asked one woman, as she snapped photos of the undulating field. The art will be installed next Monday, when a flock of concrete sheep by the late French sculptor François-Xavier Lalanne arrive in the pop-up meadow.

“Sheep Station,” a noncommercial exhibition that will open to the public on Sept. 17, is a collaboration between Michael Shvo, the wunderkind broker turned developer who bought the site in May for $23.5 million, setting a real estate record for the neighborhood in terms of price per square foot, and his pal Paul Kasmin, the Chelsea dealer who represents Lalanne and his wife Claude.

“There’s something quite nice about doing something unexpected,” said Mr. Kasmin, who is providing half of the 25 sheep. The other members of the concrete flock will come from Mr. Shvo.


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