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Soul Understated LIVE ON STAGE this Saturday, April 19th !!

April 15, 2014

suThis is going to be one for the ages. Soul Understated featuring Mavis Swan Poole will be kickin’ it LIVE at Ginny’s Supper Club at The Red Rooster this Saturday.

Soul Understated, is one of the rarest discoveries in music since Motown. The influences on their music are overwhelming and pleasurable all at once. With elements from EWF to Ella Fitzgerald, Donny Hathaway to Curtis Mayfield, and Sarah Vaughn to Count Basie joined together with hip hop infused grooves, make this one very special melting pot that spans all genres. Here’s some feedback from the press…

…”Soul Understated is a skillful ensemble, adeptly and seemingly effortlessly weaving together soul, jazz, funk and gospel, like so many threads in a tapestry, and Ms. Poole does not miss a beat, adding scat and rap to the mix like the final spices in an excellent gumbo.”…

See you at the show!

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