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Jim Caruso’s Cast Party LIVE at Birdland!

May 25, 2014

Style: "Porcelain pastel"According to Playbill Magazine- “It’s starrier than the Hayden Planetarium…a hot spot where Broadway and Hollywood tip, twirl and hit the mic. It’s THE place to cruise, schmooze, sing and be seen.”

We’re talking about Jim Caruso’s Cast Party LIVE on stage tomorrow night at Birdland Jazz Club!
Hosted by Jim Caruso, with the Cast Party “Symphony Orchestra””No one can call themselves a true New Yorker until they’ve been to the ‘Cast Party,’ which is to Broadway what the Conde Nast cafeteria is to publishing. Divas and dapper-dans insouciantly sip cocktails while watching each other sing and perform at the open-mic event during Broadway’s dark night.” (Next Magazine) Broadway impresario Jim Caruso hosts a combination open-mic, networking event and party in which the biggest stars on Broadway relax on their night off by performing their favorite songs in an informal setting.

This is gonna be super fun!
See you there!

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