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King Solomon Hicks is LIVE This Thursday February 5th at The Rooster!

February 2, 2015

solomon-hicks-bannerSolomon Hicks is a 19 year old guitarist/singer prodigy musician. He excels in Jazz, Blues, Classical, Gospel, R&B, Funk and classic Rock. He has been playing for 13 yrs. In Harlem he is called: ‘KING SOLOMON’ , ‘lil B.B.’ and ‘EAST Montgomery’.

Solomon has been in several newspapers, magazines, TV news, and many public access TV shows. He played at the 2009 US OPEN, and at Madison Square Garden during a New York Knicks game in 2010. He has also played for Gov. David Patterson, Dr. Billy Taylor, Congressman Charlie Rangel, Gracie Mansion, and for NYC Mayor Bloomberg, at City Hall.

He has played live on ‘WLIB’ radio ‘WVOX’ Mt. Vernon, ‘WHCR’ 90.3 & WBGO 88.3 He is a Harlem Arts Alliance member & Jazzmobile, and WBGO Jazz Radio is playing his CD.

Solomon is the lead guitarist, with the ‘ALL STARS BAND’ since age 13. He performs several times a week at the COTTON CLUB. He has a CD with the Cotton Club All Stars Band, featuring Solomon, at 14 years old. He is touring Europe, Denmark & Germany, playing at national festivals; Montana, 2014, The ‘CROWN of the CONTINENT’ Guitar Festival, Bahamas, Bermuda, Mexico, Calif., Fla., Conn., Mass., NJ, and NY.

You can hear King Solomon and his amazing band LIVE on Thursday, February 5th at 8pm!

See you at the show!

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